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I will not go willingly

Part of a post I made on another blog stated “Those who dismiss us and call us names should read a little history, stop drinking the Kool Aid and join the fight to take our country back.”

A liberal poster wrote that I was calling names by “implying” that every one who does not agree with me is drinking Kool Aid. Said my Grandparents welcomed the new deal and I obviously didn’t understand history. Kind comparing apples and oranges but I felt inspired to answer and thought it was too good not to appear here as well.

1.The liberal left has made a science of “implying” that all people who disagree with their politics are, gun toting, right wing extremists, clinging to a God they deny exists, are nuts at best and dangerous at worst ad nauseum. We’re just following your lead.

2. My grandparents emigrated to this country with a trunk of clothes and what money they had saved. They learned the language and raised their children in a country of unparalleled freedom. New dealers they weren’t and were they alive today they would have stood with us in Hartford. Two were farmers who by their own sweat and hard work kept their farm and raised their children during the great depression. My other two were city folk who swept buildings, scrubbed floors and did anything else they could do to keep their home and feed and clothe their children during those same times, and succeeded. They never took a penny from the government and never expected to, they never stood in a bread line and would starve first. They would perish at the thought and shame of asking anyone for a handout because they were poor and struggling to keep their hard earned homes. They were proud and I am blessed.

My wife’s grandparents lived in similar fashion, farmers and city folk. They, as did many many others also refused to look to the government to carry them through the depression and would die of hunger rather than stand in a bread line. They and thousands of others stood on their own two feet and by the sweat of their own labor kept their homes, fed their families and survived the worst economic crisis in all of history, and so can we.

3. At age 62 I’ve lived a bit of history, growing up on a farm with only a wood stove for heat and no indoor plumbing, but it was ours. I milked cows by hand and worked the soil from the time I could first hold a hoe. I was taught by teachers who preached the 3 R’s, not government dependence, who taught because they had a passion to teach and not for the perks. I learned in schools where we said yes ma’am and no ma’am and recited to Pledge of Allegiance every morning while saluting our country’s flag. We could also pray to God and celebrate Christmas and Easter. You passed or failed by your own performance and weren’t moved along because those who wouldn’t or couldn’t make the grade would feel bad, everyone didn’t get a star or play on the team, teaching us work all the harder. Students, myself included, stood in the corner, sat in the cloak room or felt the sting of a pointer, yardstick or 18 inch ruler when we were cutting up or being sassy, and are better people for it.

I apprenticed as a tool and die maker at a Connecticut manufacturer that disappeared along with thousands of jobs many years ago, was drafted into the Army and proudly served my country in Vietnam. Upon returning home I could have collected unemployment but because I had a trade they harassed me until I took a much lower paying job while a long haired ex classmate, in line ahead of me, wearing peace signs and the odor of pot collected his check every week without question. I worked at my trade, bought a house and provided for my family while so many were already drinking the Kool Aid of the left demanding more from the government, scorning the U.S. soldiers, smoking dope and living off the government’s largess. At work I was forced to pay union dues to the UAW or I couldn’t have a job because Connecticut is not a right to work state. The UAW used my dues to support candidates that I did not, and they wanted me to goof off because I was working too fast. I eventually rose to the position of mechanical engineer at that international company which once had several plants in Connecticut but now there are none, gone along with many hundreds of good paying jobs. To those losses I credit the UAW and our greedy politicians feathering their beds at the workers and taxpayer’s expense. Now my wife and I run a small business that our politicians are out to destroy by ruining the economy, destroying the free market and printing trillions of dollars to feed the pig. At the same time our customer base is reeling from the economy left wing legislators created, they’re planning on taking greater fees and higher taxes from our meager profit to give to someone else. Something is terribly wrong and I will not go willingly

4. Am I being critical? You bet I am. Is my criticism unfounded? Hardly!

Taking government back

I find it interesting that those supporting the TEA parties are posting comments and writing blogs thoughtfully and with calm assuredness, while those supporting Obama and runaway government and socialism are name calling and Bush bashing in those same threads. Why, because they have no intelligent argument!

I know many people who wanted to come yesterday but work kept them away. I have no doubt that everyone there knows at least one other person and most likely several more. At the very least that would have doubled or tripled the turnout, and that was only a beginning. I personally vow to convince at least one person who would NOT have went to Hartford to go next time.

Those who dismiss us and call us names should read a little history, stop drinking the Kool Aid and join the fight to take our country back. If you want your children, grand children and great grand children to prosper by their own hand and be able to live in the degree of freedom our grandparents enjoyed, you better get on board. I say your grandparents because if you ask them you’ll see just how much our rights and freedoms have been abridged over the last 70 years.

Hartford TEA party

April 15, 2009 will go down in history as the day the “silent majority”, fed up with big government, spoke out with one firm voice. “We’re mad as hell and we won’t take it any more!” Carrying our signs my wife and I gathered with 5,000 other patriots on the North Steps of the State Capitol in Hartford, one of several hundred such gatherings nationwide.

The biased media outlets are trying very hard to discredit the fact that TEA parties held all across the country were indeed a “Grass Roots” uprising, by calling them a “Fox News” or “Republican effort.” Well that doesn’t change the fact that all big government, career politicians, regardless of party affiliation, who ignore the people they represent, who are lying, greedy, self serving and buying votes with our tax dollars, should start packing!

Even though the TEA Parties were all but ignored by the media, hoping they would fizzle, many more attended then generally reported, understating the size of the crowds to appease the liberal lefties won’t stem the rising tide. Despite the fact it was ill reported and held on a Wednesday when taxpayers are working or running a businesses in order to support themselves and their families it was a phenomenal turnout and only the beginning. I personally know several people who wanted to come but work or family matters kept them away. I believe that everyone attending the nationwide protest knows at least one and most know several who wanted to be there, at the very least the crowds could have doubled or tripled. I personally vow to convince at least one person who would not have come to go to the next one. Think of the turnout if the MSM played it straight and actually reported it before hand, well guess what we don’t need them, we know what we want and we will seek it out.

We were at the Hartford TEA party, no one asked us to come, and we do not belong to any political party. I talked to many and we had Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, unaffiliated and several minor parties represented, some even admitting to voting for Obama! There were Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, young and old, a cross section of our population and the official size of the crowd in Hartford alone was 5,000 strong!

Speak out now before it’s too late. God bless America.

What if G.W. ordered deadly force?

Much credit is being heaped on Obama for the Somalia Pirate incident, when in reality all he did was to “authorize” the Captain to use deadly force if the life of the hostage was in danger.

It’s prudent and proper to respond with deadly force against this form of terrorism (robbers with a “good business plan” -CNN) and I applaud the outcome, however I have this question.

I can’t help but wonder where all the Bush bashers are now that Obama has engaged in “cowboy diplomacy” getting the pirates “mad at us” and making us “less safe”. Let’s see — The libs are actually praising him for killing 3 kids in lifeboat who were running out of food, water and ammunition, they were actively negotiating for the hostage’s release and so scared by being surrounded by our warships they were ready to just hand him over!

How would that have played were it G.W. B.?

Postscript — The surviving pirate will brought to the U.S. for trial and provided with zealous attorneys, all under the watchful eyes of the ACLU guarding his “rights” at every turn. He’ll probably sue for damages and might even win!

One more hollow point could have saved us taxpayers a ton of money.

Somolia – right or wrong?

Pundits are asking the question if the killing of the terrorists/ pirates was right or wrong.

The question they should be asking –

Was this Obama’s big chance to show he is willing to take a hard line to protect American interests, without really getting in the face of the real threats to our security?

Ans. YES!

I have grave doubt that Obama will be use deadly force against any real threat to this nation. It’s one thing to shoot 3 pirates in a life boat in the middle of the Ocean that were ready to give up, scared and running out of food water and ammunition, then to reply with deadly force against a threat with a real means of retaliation.

Let’s see if he’s willing to get in the face of the real threats!

Tilting at windmills, perhaps but…!

Frequenting several blogs, I am aghast that some posts are advancing the thought that writing to our legislators is a useless endeavor saying they are abandoning that course and others should as well. The notion being that their (our) letters haven’t changed the support those legislators are giving to the Obama appointees or his agenda. How wrong to think that way!

They most likely live in a state, like mine, whose legislators share Obama’s leftist and socialist agenda while having a blind loyalty to their party thus turning a blind eye to their constituents. Those legislators are seeking the favor of the “entitled” while passing guilt on to those who have achieved a comfortable success, all to ensure their re-election!

While I share their frustration, writing my senators and representatives with full awareness they will ” thank you (me) but …….” or not respond at all, we must continue else we have sent them a message that we are giving up and waiting for the next election.

Folks, their might not be a next election if we don’t keep writing, in fact we must flood their offices with letters of dissent. If you think our democracy can’t fall so fast, think again! It only took six years from when Hitler took office with the same degree of populist fervor as Obama, to “death camps” operating at full speed, six years! Do you think it would take so long to eliminate term limits on the presidency?

Write, write, write, it will slow the tide, perhaps even a few will open their eyes. Whatever the outcome we can not, must not send them a message by silence. That message being our will is sapped and we are retreating to lick our wounds, while they can forge ahead with rash abandon.

Our country, our democracy and our way of life hang in the balance.

Don’t Speak for Us!

“America was founded on Christian principles when only 17% of Americans belonged to churches, that number rose to 62% by the time Ronald Reagan assumed office.”

Today, a great majority of Americans are Christian and a majority of non-Christians and agnostics espouse the exact same principles that are at the root of Christianity, in fact the latest figures I could find put the number of non-Christians who do not espouse Christian principles at a mere 8% meaning 92% of all Americans identify themselves as Christian or as believing in Christian principles. Lest we forget, though the percentage of Christians in this country has declined, so has the immigration of non-Christians increased, as an old algebra professor once told me it’s all in the way you scale the graph.

Liberals love to present information in the way it advances their agenda, they want you to ignore the large population of Muslims, Hindus, Shintos, Confucians, Baha’i’s and etc. that call America home. Witness, those whom are recognizable by their dress have become so commonplace that they are virtually unnoticed in today’s population. What the true numbers are I don’t know and I don’t really care because I do know that my America is not only overwhelmingly Christian it is also Christian principled. Those who would tell us differently are turning those very principles against us!

We as Christian Americans believe in religious freedom and we welcome those looking to practice theirs here, in peace, so don’t try to tell us that we are not a Christian Nation!.

Mr. Obama – Just because your tele-prompter says so doesn’t make it true. How do we know you’re lying? Your lips are moving! Whether your muddling through your own thoughts or reading the epistle of your holy cathode ray tube, you veil the truth. Every day more and more people see you for what you are and are no longer listening.

Read my lips AMERICA was, is and will ever remain A CHRISTIAN Nation!

AP Deifying Obama!

What will it take for the love affair to end?

The mainstream media’s worship of Obama as shown in an Associated Press article by Tom Raum, April 5, 2009.

Is it any wonder he gets a pass on everything he says or does!


Photo from Associated Press Article, by Tom Raum

By Tom Raum -Associated Press.

Are They Listening?

Connecticut’s veto proof, legislative Democrats are proposing a massive tax increase, raising all current taxes and instituting new ones, including additional taxes on the few businesses remaining in the state! They are looking for $3.3 billion in new and additional taxes and $2.2 billion in NEW spending!

What the hell are they thinking! If the economy is really in such a mess how will this help? Haven’t they seen enough companies abandon the State due to exorbitant taxes and the anti-business climate the nanny staters have created. It seems the legislature wants to destroy what little manufacturing and prosperity creating businesses remain in favor of more Government employees fast food workers, Wal-Mart greeters and the plethora of minimum wage jobs that have replaced the thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs already lost.

There is an insidious aspect to that direction in that it will create more dependency on the government which will in turn help ensure the re-election of those creating the dependence. They know that spending other people’s money, your money, to give someone else an “entitlement” would “buy” the vote of those on the receiving end. Why else travel that cockamamie path!

Guess what, we are stupid if we stand by and do nothing, it’s time to demand our legislature propose and pass a responsible budget, including:

  • Relieve businesses from onerous regulation
  • Cut the size of government
  • Lower taxes or at worst no new taxes
  • Reduce State spending
  • Demand union concession from State employees, otherwise use their legislative powers to VOID ALL STATE WORKER CONTRACTS – YES, THEY CAN DO THAT!