Taking government back

I find it interesting that those supporting the TEA parties are posting comments and writing blogs thoughtfully and with calm assuredness, while those supporting Obama and runaway government and socialism are name calling and Bush bashing in those same threads. Why, because they have no intelligent argument!

I know many people who wanted to come yesterday but work kept them away. I have no doubt that everyone there knows at least one other person and most likely several more. At the very least that would have doubled or tripled the turnout, and that was only a beginning. I personally vow to convince at least one person who would NOT have went to Hartford to go next time.

Those who dismiss us and call us names should read a little history, stop drinking the Kool Aid and join the fight to take our country back. If you want your children, grand children and great grand children to prosper by their own hand and be able to live in the degree of freedom our grandparents enjoyed, you better get on board. I say your grandparents because if you ask them you’ll see just how much our rights and freedoms have been abridged over the last 70 years.