What if G.W. ordered deadly force?

Much credit is being heaped on Obama for the Somalia Pirate incident, when in reality all he did was to “authorize” the Captain to use deadly force if the life of the hostage was in danger.

It’s prudent and proper to respond with deadly force against this form of terrorism (robbers with a “good business plan” -CNN) and I applaud the outcome, however I have this question.

I can’t help but wonder where all the Bush bashers are now that Obama has engaged in “cowboy diplomacy” getting the pirates “mad at us” and making us “less safe”. Let’s see — The libs are actually praising him for killing 3 kids in lifeboat who were running out of food, water and ammunition, they were actively negotiating for the hostage’s release and so scared by being surrounded by our warships they were ready to just hand him over!

How would that have played were it G.W. B.?

Postscript — The surviving pirate will brought to the U.S. for trial and provided with zealous attorneys, all under the watchful eyes of the ACLU guarding his “rights” at every turn. He’ll probably sue for damages and might even win!

One more hollow point could have saved us taxpayers a ton of money.