Don’t Speak for Us!

“America was founded on Christian principles when only 17% of Americans belonged to churches, that number rose to 62% by the time Ronald Reagan assumed office.”

Today, a great majority of Americans are Christian and a majority of non-Christians and agnostics espouse the exact same principles that are at the root of Christianity, in fact the latest figures I could find put the number of non-Christians who do not espouse Christian principles at a mere 8% meaning 92% of all Americans identify themselves as Christian or as believing in Christian principles. Lest we forget, though the percentage of Christians in this country has declined, so has the immigration of non-Christians increased, as an old algebra professor once told me it’s all in the way you scale the graph.

Liberals love to present information in the way it advances their agenda, they want you to ignore the large population of Muslims, Hindus, Shintos, Confucians, Baha’i’s and etc. that call America home. Witness, those whom are recognizable by their dress have become so commonplace that they are virtually unnoticed in today’s population. What the true numbers are I don’t know and I don’t really care because I do know that my America is not only overwhelmingly Christian it is also Christian principled. Those who would tell us differently are turning those very principles against us!

We as Christian Americans believe in religious freedom and we welcome those looking to practice theirs here, in peace, so don’t try to tell us that we are not a Christian Nation!.

Mr. Obama – Just because your tele-prompter says so doesn’t make it true. How do we know you’re lying? Your lips are moving! Whether your muddling through your own thoughts or reading the epistle of your holy cathode ray tube, you veil the truth. Every day more and more people see you for what you are and are no longer listening.

Read my lips AMERICA was, is and will ever remain A CHRISTIAN Nation!