Tilting at windmills, perhaps but…!

Frequenting several blogs, I am aghast that some posts are advancing the thought that writing to our legislators is a useless endeavor saying they are abandoning that course and others should as well. The notion being that their (our) letters haven’t changed the support those legislators are giving to the Obama appointees or his agenda. How wrong to think that way!

They most likely live in a state, like mine, whose legislators share Obama’s leftist and socialist agenda while having a blind loyalty to their party thus turning a blind eye to their constituents. Those legislators are seeking the favor of the “entitled” while passing guilt on to those who have achieved a comfortable success, all to ensure their re-election!

While I share their frustration, writing my senators and representatives with full awareness they will ” thank you (me) but …….” or not respond at all, we must continue else we have sent them a message that we are giving up and waiting for the next election.

Folks, their might not be a next election if we don’t keep writing, in fact we must flood their offices with letters of dissent. If you think our democracy can’t fall so fast, think again! It only took six years from when Hitler took office with the same degree of populist fervor as Obama, to “death camps” operating at full speed, six years! Do you think it would take so long to eliminate term limits on the presidency?

Write, write, write, it will slow the tide, perhaps even a few will open their eyes. Whatever the outcome we can not, must not send them a message by silence. That message being our will is sapped and we are retreating to lick our wounds, while they can forge ahead with rash abandon.

Our country, our democracy and our way of life hang in the balance.