Are They Listening?

Connecticut’s veto proof, legislative Democrats are proposing a massive tax increase, raising all current taxes and instituting new ones, including additional taxes on the few businesses remaining in the state! They are looking for $3.3 billion in new and additional taxes and $2.2 billion in NEW spending!

What the hell are they thinking! If the economy is really in such a mess how will this help? Haven’t they seen enough companies abandon the State due to exorbitant taxes and the anti-business climate the nanny staters have created. It seems the legislature wants to destroy what little manufacturing and prosperity creating businesses remain in favor of more Government employees fast food workers, Wal-Mart greeters and the plethora of minimum wage jobs that have replaced the thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs already lost.

There is an insidious aspect to that direction in that it will create more dependency on the government which will in turn help ensure the re-election of those creating the dependence. They know that spending other people’s money, your money, to give someone else an “entitlement” would “buy” the vote of those on the receiving end. Why else travel that cockamamie path!

Guess what, we are stupid if we stand by and do nothing, it’s time to demand our legislature propose and pass a responsible budget, including:

  • Relieve businesses from onerous regulation
  • Cut the size of government
  • Lower taxes or at worst no new taxes
  • Reduce State spending
  • Demand union concession from State employees, otherwise use their legislative powers to VOID ALL STATE WORKER CONTRACTS – YES, THEY CAN DO THAT!