Hartford TEA party

April 15, 2009 will go down in history as the day the “silent majority”, fed up with big government, spoke out with one firm voice. “We’re mad as hell and we won’t take it any more!” Carrying our signs my wife and I gathered with 5,000 other patriots on the North Steps of the State Capitol in Hartford, one of several hundred such gatherings nationwide.

The biased media outlets are trying very hard to discredit the fact that TEA parties held all across the country were indeed a “Grass Roots” uprising, by calling them a “Fox News” or “Republican effort.” Well that doesn’t change the fact that all big government, career politicians, regardless of party affiliation, who ignore the people they represent, who are lying, greedy, self serving and buying votes with our tax dollars, should start packing!

Even though the TEA Parties were all but ignored by the media, hoping they would fizzle, many more attended then generally reported, understating the size of the crowds to appease the liberal lefties won’t stem the rising tide. Despite the fact it was ill reported and held on a Wednesday when taxpayers are working or running a businesses in order to support themselves and their families it was a phenomenal turnout and only the beginning. I personally know several people who wanted to come but work or family matters kept them away. I believe that everyone attending the nationwide protest knows at least one and most know several who wanted to be there, at the very least the crowds could have doubled or tripled. I personally vow to convince at least one person who would not have come to go to the next one. Think of the turnout if the MSM played it straight and actually reported it before hand, well guess what we don’t need them, we know what we want and we will seek it out.

We were at the Hartford TEA party, no one asked us to come, and we do not belong to any political party. I talked to many and we had Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, unaffiliated and several minor parties represented, some even admitting to voting for Obama! There were Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, young and old, a cross section of our population and the official size of the crowd in Hartford alone was 5,000 strong!

Speak out now before it’s too late. God bless America.