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First Obama Came for the Catholics

With a bit of editorial rearrangement, *Martin Niemöller’s famous lecture is a chillingly accurate assessment of the Obama administration.

“(First) they came for the Jews (read Catholics), and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew (read Catholic).

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

(Then) they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak ….. ”

Everyone must vote this November to stop Obama’s and his assault on our Constitution, because whatever label you’re wearing, you’re next. Make no mistake about it, Obama is Hitler reincarnated!

*Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was an ardent nationalist and prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last 7 years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Which side are you on?


If a Conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.
If a Liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.
If a Liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a Conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect and same sex marriage.

If a Conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A Liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a Conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

If a Conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
A Liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

If a Conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it..
A Liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

A Conservative will agree with this comparison
A liberal will be offended by it

We Are Broke

Cut and paste into your browser.


It’s all in the definition

Whats means a word? If it’s spoken through Obama’s lips you can bet it’s pure double speak!

Recently he announced more drastic cuts for the military stating he intends to make it “leaner” insinuating these draconian cuts will make it better! He wants us to believe it’s too fat and spending for the war in Iraq, now that he’s put a premature end to it (the ramifications are another subject), leaves lots of opportunity to reduce military spending. He wants us to read it that the military is going to hit the gym and become a svelte and agile force able to serve and protect our country and overseas interests in times of crisis sure to come. What he really intends leaner to mean is an emaciated military unable to serve and protect our country and overseas interests in the coming times of crisis. Up to this point he’s encouraged the “Arab Spring” that’s creating a power base for radical Islam, now he wants to make certain we’re powerless to stop the snowball.

To make matters even worse, what about the thousands of jobs dependent on direct or indirect military spending. Spending that historically has returned new technologies and many times more money back into the economy than spent!

The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano writes that Obama’s strategy amounts to pulling “the safety net out from a global security architecture that has protected U.S. vital interests worldwide since 1945.”

Wishful thinking cannot keep our nation free and safe. It’s the duty of Congress to confront the White House and move to restore America as a leader of the free world.

National Problem

In following news of fraudulent claims for losses occurring from storm Irene, published reports highlight a deeper problem within the Malloy and the Obama administrations, as well as the system as a whole. Both Malloy and Obama were elected with significant help from non-working, non-taxpaying and assistance receiving voters, who in their self-interest support individuals who continue to expand dependence on government largess. Therefore it’s no surprise those administrations show a decided lack oversight, and in Malloys’ case a false sense of outrage. Why false? The initial news reports claimed the 800 State workers who received benefits was a “significantly” higher ratio of workers vs. claimants compared to the private sector. Though no percentages were given in that report, a figure of 80 State employee claimants were initially reported as being highly suspect. In following reports it was reduced to 40, then 24 and now down to 15 apparently fraudulent claims made by “highly paid” State workers. I doubt that many more will be identified and wouldn’t be surprised if these few were further reduced. As this information is provided by the Malloy administration one can only surmise that the Governor, unable to put a lid on in altogether, is trying to whittle it down to a very few individual sacrificial lambs in order to cover the wide spread fraud the government conveniently overlooks.

By creating and expanding generous “assistance” programs to increase support for their socialist policies there’s no pressure to find and prosecute cheaters, and the cheaters know it, especially those government employees in the know! I have no doubt that frauds of this nature are rampant throughout Connecticut and the United States as a whole. The only way to put a stop to this is to elect individuals who are committed to return the system to help for the truly needy and not a remedy for a redistribution wealth that promises to completely destroy the policies which made this country great.

One final thought, why is any state worker who enjoys 35 hour work weeks, generous salaries, state cars, every “holiday” under the sun and golden retiree benefits, all which don’t apply to the average taxpayer in private employment, eligible for government assistance?

Pony Up Connecticut Taxpayers!

Not to my surprise Governor Malloy and the union heads have reached an agreement, however it’s one that both he and his union cronies can spin into the continuing web of deceit as to who’s bearing the load and who he’s really looking out for. Our governor could have begun a positive move towards parity with the private sector by reeling in the obscene wages and benefits our over compensated and under worked state employees enjoy. Instead he’s guaranteed that businesses and taxpayers will be hit again and even harder the following fiscal year and the next, ad nauseum, while state employees will be immune from layoffs or any real concessions.

The largest tax increase in Connecticut history coupled with the second highest cost of energy in the nation closes the door on any business crazy enough to consider expanding or locating in Connecticut. That isn’t good enough for this administration, by forcing those with over 50 employees into giving paid “sick” leave, Hartford’s planning to lock it tight.

Forcing private employers to grant each employee an additional 5 paid days off (40 hours) guarantees a total loss of 2000 hours of labor or one full time employee for every 50 people employed. Having 50 or 51 employees a company may very well choose to lay one or two off, rather than add employees to keep up the current productive hours under the overburdening costs of doing business here. Others will surely leave the state to escape the crush of big government taking all their jobs with it. Either way Connecticut will continue to lose jobs and revenue in it’s continuing decline from it’s once prosperous economy to one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and one of only 16 states still losing jobs, second only to California last month.

With government spending always on the increase the 2013 budget will demand even more tax revenue that will have to come from fewer and fewer taxpaying businesses and individuals. That is those who haven’t left for better opportunities, therefore we need to demand better from Malloy and our elected officials.

Senator Blumenthall’s E-mail

As his web-site doesn’t publish this information, you can contact Senator Blumenthall at his Washington e-mail address


Bloated government

Regarding Connecticut state employees who received the largest compensations in 2009, as reported in the May 9, 2010 Republican American some startling facts can be determined. Beyond the conclusion that many, and judging by the budget, if not all state workers cost the taxpayers dearly for their excessive salaries and benefits, one could also suspect the veracity of such remuneration’s as reported!

Looking beyond the obvious I decided to compute hours worked for the top 50 recipients, as listed in Sunday’s article. Not being privy to the actual worker’s contracts I made some assumptions and the exact figures may be more or less. However my assumptions are valid for private industry and one should also note; in the private sector department heads and many other top salaried positions are overtime exempt and are not compensated for such performance. Giving the benefit of the doubt I also gave the greatest weight to the most costly overtime in my calculations assuming the employees had worked every Sunday and every holiday as well. My assumptions being:

ï‚· Hourly rate is based on a 35 hour work week.
ï‚· Regular overtime is computed at time and one-half for hours worked over 7 in a day or 35 per week.
ï‚· Each person worked 50 Sundays for 7 hours at double time
ï‚· Each person worked every holiday (15) for 7 hours at double time and one-half.
ï‚· Each received 2 weeks vacation
ï‚· Each took 5 sick days

Calculations using those assumptions indicates number 1 on the list, Edward A. Blanchette’s base pay is $83.11 per hour, he must have worked for 71 hours every week including every Sunday and every holiday logging 1,454 regular overtime hours and 455 premium overtime hours for 1,909 overtime hours in total to reach his compensation level!

Looking at number 2, Suzanne E. Ducate, her base pay is $107.71 per hour “earning” a total of $411,862.36 which is $215,838.22 more than her base salary of $196,024.14. Ms. Ducate must have worked 56 hours every week for 694 regular overtime hours plus 455 hours of premium overtime on every Sunday and holiday totaling 1,145 overtime hours to achieve that level of compensation!

It doesn’t look any better by number 50 at the bottom of the list, Sivaprasad V. Katrapati, who was paid a total of $181,257.55 including overtime, has a base salary of $41.06 per hour. By private sector compensation norms this person must have worked 64 hours every week racking up 1088 regular overtime hours on top of 455 hours of premium overtime by working every Sunday’s and holiday for a grand total of 1,543 overtime hours in order to reach that amount.

Does anyone else see a problem with those numbers, where’s the oversight, do those figures make sense given the bloated numbers of state employees? Let’s not forget when OUR (taxpayer) employees retire their retirement is based on total compensation which includes overtime and unused sick days, and lets not forget their gold plated benefits. The solution of the public employee union leadership is for the private sector to exact the same usury from their employers instead of “depriving state workers”! Were private companies subject to the same compensation and benefits our overpaid and under worked state employees receive there wouldn’t be any left, then how would government meet it’s payroll and who would be left to tax?

If anyone wishes to determine other compensations using the same assumptions here is a link to my spreadsheet

I call upon the voters of this state to clean house in November and elect those willing to legislate the union contracts void, reduce their numbers and compensation to sustainable levels, eliminate the vast majority of entitlements and restore the state to a sound financial footing, otherwise may God help us.

Open letter to Rep. Chris Murphy

Thank you very much for helping to render our Constitution meaningless in your efforts to create a communist state and destroy our once great Nation that I put my life on the line for in Viet-nam. Passing the so-called health care reform by deeming and whatever rule bending tricks Pelosi and her cabal of lapdogs like yourself are using to FORCE FEED this bill to the American people is WRONG!.

Guess what, even in “blue” Connecticut so many people I’ve talked to who voted for Obama are now saying it was a big mistake. Why do you think this is? His lies, his open government that works in the dark of night behind closed doors, ramming through legislation that only those who don’t pay taxes support or by staffing his cabinet with communists, tax cheats, and “uniquely qualified” lobbyists he swore to excise? I could go on but you’ve heard all his contradictions and outright lies and still don’t care. “Companies will save 3000%”, Right, but it just goes to show you that Obama BELIEVES we’re idiots, and Pelosi BELIEVES we’ll like it so let’s pass it “so we can find out what’s in it”. Who’s out of touch?

The people, not the astro-turf and hired SEIU thugs who brought left wing politicians like yourself into office resoundingly oppose this bill and Obama’s agenda. It has precipitated a much awaited backlash against our country moving to the left, galvanizing a GERAT MAJORITY of patriotic Americans. You can call yourself “Right of Center” but we know who your are and what you are.

You cannot do this and get away with it!

Can health care be improved? Yes with tort reform and portability, not Obama Care which is an unmasked travesty against our country, our constitution, our freedoms and our people.

Mark my words there will be a veto proof anti socialistic congress elected this November. I’m not sorry you won’t be among them.

Divide and conquer?

Today our ethically challenged Senator Chris Dodd introduced a new 1000 plus page bill of “sweeping changes” to the way money markets and banks are regulated. Scrapping the current oversight by the Fed, FDIC and SEC placing regulatory control under a new bureaucracy run by political appointees. Forget for a moment that Chris Dodd was the architect of legislation and regulations that lead to the economic collapse and the mortgage meltdown. Aside from the fact that nothing has changed to correct those disasters his proposed bureaucracy will now control all the money and controlling all the money controls everything else.

Obama’s presidency is all about control as he watches himself walk by the mirror. His agenda is to rule over every aspect of our lives and he knows that money is the ultimate control, so it’s no wonder that he stands behind Chris Dodd and stumps for his reelection.

Cap and trade, health care overhaul, socialist czars with sweeping powers over free enterprise, thought and speech, and now complete government takeover of the entire financial industry! Is Obama overreaching and should he be stopped? You bet!

The White House makes up completely bogus “jobs created or saved” numbers, allows men and women to die in Afghanistan while he pussyfoots around, stating he’s “uncomfortable with the concept of victory” (yes he said that!). Our commander in chief apparently thinks the Fort Hood killings were less worthy than a self-important speech to Native Americans. Perhaps he learned from the Gates incident that without a teleprompter bearing the reflection he so loves his true feelings are evidenced and people find out who he is and what he really believes. But the Teflon President has a worshiping press that comes to his aid along with a Congress that ignores the Constitution and passes healthcare legislation that is actually little about health care and a lot of government control over everything else.

On the heels of passing “health care reform” that Obama and the left want despite every reliable poll showing most people don’t, his worshipping accolade Chris Dodd writes a monstrous bill handing him more power! One has to ask himself what the blazes are they trying to do, I say they’re trying to divide and conquer. There are so many hot button issues that Obama’s pursuing he’s overloading the resistance. Whether you believe in free markets and small government, or that health care is your own responsibility and decisions are between you and your doctor. Or if you believe Cap and Trade will kill more businesses and increase the cost of most everything else or that handing complete control over the money markets to a single government bureaucracy is lunacy, there’s an issue for you. Obama may be attempting to divide his opposition into so many different areas he’ll be able to make an end run around several camps instead of hitting a united font against the greatest threat our liberties have ever faced. Understand your enemy’s strategy and you’ve a good chance of winning, each separate issue is but a single part of the whole. By standing together and putting aside our individual concerns we can stop the madness.