National Problem

In following news of fraudulent claims for losses occurring from storm Irene, published reports highlight a deeper problem within the Malloy and the Obama administrations, as well as the system as a whole. Both Malloy and Obama were elected with significant help from non-working, non-taxpaying and assistance receiving voters, who in their self-interest support individuals who continue to expand dependence on government largess. Therefore it’s no surprise those administrations show a decided lack oversight, and in Malloys’ case a false sense of outrage. Why false? The initial news reports claimed the 800 State workers who received benefits was a “significantly” higher ratio of workers vs. claimants compared to the private sector. Though no percentages were given in that report, a figure of 80 State employee claimants were initially reported as being highly suspect. In following reports it was reduced to 40, then 24 and now down to 15 apparently fraudulent claims made by “highly paid” State workers. I doubt that many more will be identified and wouldn’t be surprised if these few were further reduced. As this information is provided by the Malloy administration one can only surmise that the Governor, unable to put a lid on in altogether, is trying to whittle it down to a very few individual sacrificial lambs in order to cover the wide spread fraud the government conveniently overlooks.

By creating and expanding generous “assistance” programs to increase support for their socialist policies there’s no pressure to find and prosecute cheaters, and the cheaters know it, especially those government employees in the know! I have no doubt that frauds of this nature are rampant throughout Connecticut and the United States as a whole. The only way to put a stop to this is to elect individuals who are committed to return the system to help for the truly needy and not a remedy for a redistribution wealth that promises to completely destroy the policies which made this country great.

One final thought, why is any state worker who enjoys 35 hour work weeks, generous salaries, state cars, every “holiday” under the sun and golden retiree benefits, all which don’t apply to the average taxpayer in private employment, eligible for government assistance?