Open letter to Rep. Chris Murphy

Thank you very much for helping to render our Constitution meaningless in your efforts to create a communist state and destroy our once great Nation that I put my life on the line for in Viet-nam. Passing the so-called health care reform by deeming and whatever rule bending tricks Pelosi and her cabal of lapdogs like yourself are using to FORCE FEED this bill to the American people is WRONG!.

Guess what, even in “blue” Connecticut so many people I’ve talked to who voted for Obama are now saying it was a big mistake. Why do you think this is? His lies, his open government that works in the dark of night behind closed doors, ramming through legislation that only those who don’t pay taxes support or by staffing his cabinet with communists, tax cheats, and “uniquely qualified” lobbyists he swore to excise? I could go on but you’ve heard all his contradictions and outright lies and still don’t care. “Companies will save 3000%”, Right, but it just goes to show you that Obama BELIEVES we’re idiots, and Pelosi BELIEVES we’ll like it so let’s pass it “so we can find out what’s in it”. Who’s out of touch?

The people, not the astro-turf and hired SEIU thugs who brought left wing politicians like yourself into office resoundingly oppose this bill and Obama’s agenda. It has precipitated a much awaited backlash against our country moving to the left, galvanizing a GERAT MAJORITY of patriotic Americans. You can call yourself “Right of Center” but we know who your are and what you are.

You cannot do this and get away with it!

Can health care be improved? Yes with tort reform and portability, not Obama Care which is an unmasked travesty against our country, our constitution, our freedoms and our people.

Mark my words there will be a veto proof anti socialistic congress elected this November. I’m not sorry you won’t be among them.