See the unspoken message

In following the Supreme Court’s action on Obamacare one doesn’t have to look very close to see how the media focuses on the “pro” demonstrators making it appear they far outnumber the “anti” demonstrators. But that aside it’s plain to see the pros are well funded, having professional signage no doubt having the union made “bug”, the few if any anti demonstrators shown have their home made signs. Surely they want to depict the pros as being in a vast majority, and the anti Obamacare folks as a few disorganized people. What a sham!

A true journalist, if any existed, would show the entire crowd, not simply a line of paid protesters and impart the true sense of the public. One would also question the demonstrators and ask who is providing their monetary support, I know it would be enlightening.

America is on the brink and though we can’t change how the media portrays us we mustn’t give up in frustration. I believe the medias blind servitude to their Ob-Idol will be delivered a huge dose of reality in November. The demise of Obamacare for-shadowing his defeat.


#1 mickey1943 on 03.30.12 at 7:46 am

My same thought when I saw the signs.

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