Don’t blame the 1 Percent

Can Warren Buffet give you a drivers license, fine you or issue a building permit? Of course not but some lowly clerk/bureaucrat in any government position can. These are the people who make your life hell!  Think curly light bulbs and low flow toilets.
Government bureaucracies are the source of our problems, not the 1 percent.  The more government grows the more liberties we loose.

Columnist George Will states: “The left exists to enlarge the state’s supervision of life, narrowing individual choices in the name of collective good. Hence the left’s hostility to markets. And to automobiles—people going wherever they want whenever they want. … The green left understands that the direct route to government control of almost everything is to stigmatize, as a planetary menace, something involved in almost everything—carbon.”

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#1 mickey1943 on 03.22.12 at 11:41 am

Right On.