Connecticut Head Shaker

One must congratulate the AFL-CIO, CEA, SEIU, UAW, and every other labor union, both public and private, along with those who live off the government in lieu of working for a living. Those voting blocs have elected and re-elected a host of tax and spend politicians who they know will appease their demands to raid the public coffers in exchange for their vote on election day. Their insatiable appetite for other peoples money has ensured Connecticut will continue it’s decline from the heights of a once prosperous state having a multitude of opportunity where anyone seeking a career job with good benefits could find one, to the abyss. Obviously those blocs are unsatisfied with the emasculation done so far and I’m confident our rating will now drop the final 3 positions from number 47 to the worst State in the Union to conduct business.

You won, however I predict the joy will be short lived as Connecticut simply can not sustain the levels of spending you continue to demand. Your insistence on higher taxes and more spending will simply mean more businesses will close, more jobs will be lost, more people will look to the government for assistance and the overtaxed will continue to depart for friendlier territory. Endorsing a Spendthrift State legislature and electing a Governor who will rubber stamp their every assault on the State’s treasury continues the madness. You go on to elect a bold-faced liar and career politician with zero experience in the real world to the U.S. Senate and return all five of Connecticut’s Party first and people last cabal of tax and spend Democrats to a House of Representatives firmly in control of fiscal conservatives. Congratulations, you have ensured our delegation’s voices will carry little weight and extract no sympathy when Connecticut invariably appeals to the Federal Government and begs for a “bailout” when our economy hits rock bottom and drowns in a sea of red ink.

Little more than a year ago the left wing was certain the Republican Party was crushed, never again to enjoy the public’s favor, and the ultra liberals would be in power for the next forty years. This belief was shouted widely and gleefully by adoring media pundits and shared by your President and his super-majority in the House and Senate. Together they arrogantly and egotistically froze the weak voice of rationality out discussion when, by sheer numbers, they could and did enact legislation the public plainly does not want. Now the party that campaigned on an honest, open, non-partisan and inclusive government, where every bit of legislation would be debated openly on CSPAN and made available on the Internet for everyone to read before being signed into law, finally wants to compromise. It was a lie then and way too late now. How fast the bloom came off the rose, perhaps we’ll finally get it right in 2012.