Gasping for breath,

This morning we awoke to the United States breathing it’s last gasping breath following the travesty occurring in Washington.

There’s nothing the government can’t force upon our citizens given the passage of so called “health care reform” by the Obama/Pelosi cabal.

I fear we have much to do against long odds and must redouble our efforts at defeating Obama, his cabal and agenda. A veto proof congress is the only answer which is unlikely at the mid term election, and whatever Obama rams through against the will of the people may not be addressed before the end of his term.

In the mean time write, write, call, call put the pressure on to defeat any and all legislation proposed in this congress, good or bad. Cripple the system, for it’s better to do nothing for the next 2 1/2 years than to allow government to function under the control of the Democrats.

We should be demanding the impeachment of the entire lot!