First Broken Promise? Hardly

Nobama promised to post final bills on the Internet 5 days before signing, for the public comment. Whether our comments would cause a veto is another matter and I wouldn’t hold my breath on that score. That promise was broken right off when he signed the SCHIP legislation.

More importantly congress promised to post legislation on the Internet 48 hours before VOTING on it, before it’s sent to the president. There might be a chance to expose socialism, hypocrisy and pork there, but not only are they not keeping that promise to the public they aren’t planning to give the Republicans a chance to study it before forcing a vote either. How’s that for HR 1 transparency? It’s transparent they want to vote up this porkfest before it’s known what’s in it. We already know it’s full of pork, will usher in socialized medicine, expand government while throwing a few crumbs at temporary infrastructure jobs. Actually, only a pitiful 4% will be spent immediately, (the rest being spent in 2010 and 2012 – election years for buying votes) how is that going to jump start the economy?

When someone tells me I have to do it now or there will be dire consequences I KNOW there is something to hide, it won’t be good and when we find it out it’s way too late. So what else is in there?