Will CT’s Govorner Rell follow through?

Governor Rell’s promise to trim the State budget rather than raise taxes was a long overdue and I applaud her new found fiscal conservatism.
However, from her response regarding UCONN’s plan to discuss a tuition increase, one cannot help but speculate whether she is actually prepared to fight for her proposed budget. Rell told UCONN officials that the budget hasn’t been approved and the legislature will likely make changes to her proposal, plus she is unsure of how much money the State will receive from the so called “federal stimulus package” and it is premature to consider a tuition increase. Fair enough, however the tone of her reply also suggests she doesn’t expect UCONN will actually experience any cuts nor does she expect the legislature to adopt much of her budget proposal or will she use her position and veto power to press them for fiscal responsibility, should they choose to continue taxing and spending. What she could and should have said was, the time for fiscal responsibility has arrived and that she would use every method in her power to rein in past spending excesses. Instead she is looking to institute more “stealth” taxes and raise the fee for every license and permit the state grants. According to Kiplinger Magazine, of the top 100 state colleges 81 have a lower tuition cost than UCONN and 49 of those have the same or lower student to teacher ratio, Rell spokesman Richard Harris said “There is room in UCONN’s budget to absorb the (proposed) cuts.” Is Governor Rell actually planning on cutting spending or just posturing? Time will tell but don’t hold your breath.