Why the rush?

One of the first things I learned when something is being “sold” to me is if you must do it immediately there is something to hide, it won’t be good and you won’t find that out until it’s too late.

So it goes for Obama’s demand to hurry up and pass the “stimulus” package, setting a deadline, telling our legislators to do it now, before we really understand what’s in it. Sure it’s full of the kind of pork the exalted one promised was a thing of the past and is opposed by the majority of Americans for that good reason, but the porkfest is just one aspect of the proposed legislation. Why the rush and why does he need Republicans to back the bill when he has way more than enough votes to pass it without them? He could have his wish today but he doesn’t want the blame for the failure to fall on the Democrats. If he truly believed this legislation was exactly what the country needs and would actually “fix” the economy he would most surely shut out the opposition and garner all the kudos for himself. He speaks of reaching across the aisle, but is simply asking Republicans to support this Democratic party porkfest reaching out or just posturing? Make no mistake, if the Republicans get behind this bill, when the proverbial substance hits the fan you can bet the spin doctors will place the blame squarely on their shoulders.