EU Backs Down on Agricultural Emissions

For the majority of Earth’s history, the planet has been hotter than today. Hotter periods make up some “70 percent of the past two and a half billion years, and are called Greenhouse Earth. They can last hundreds of millions of years, with CO2 levels 10–20 times higher than today, and no ice anywhere on the planet.” And no human activity.

Looking into published research on “global warming”, I found uniformity on CO2 levels ranging from 200 ppm during glaciation periods to as high as 6000 ppm during the hottest periods. I also found uniformity on global temperatures during specific prehistoric eras. What I didn’t find was uniformity on how this information was used to support the hysteria over recucing carbon emissions. Reasoning from some models might even to invalidate the reasoning of others and vice versa. I believe their aim is population control and one world government. Where are we? I trust the Good Lord to decide our future not politicians.


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