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The Big Three Bailout & Health Care

In a recent article by columnist David Broder, arguing in favor of national health care, he states that Barack Obama “could well argue the current plight of the Big Three automakers stems in part from from the burden (they) are carrying for the failures of our employer base health system.” And that the foreign auto makers are “operating in countries where the government and society pay the cost of health care.”

There is a serious credibility issue here; first off there is no proof that our health care system is broken. Ask any Canadian or other country’s citizen, who comes to the United States for treatment. They come here because they can’t get care or treatment in a timely fashion, or at all, in their home country. One Canadian friend of mine told me that Canada has a two tier health care system, the government paid health care and (thankfully) the care available here in the United States. Secondly a large portion of the “foreign companies” are building their cars here in the United States by American workers under our “broken” system. What he also doesn’t say is that the non-union foreign car companies labor costs are half of the Big Three’s labor cost, and the foreign car companies labor costs are still a third higher than the labor cost of the average private sector worker.

The problem is not with the health care system but the with the United Auto Workers Union leveraging the market share the Big Three once had into salaries and benefits unheard of in solvent and competitive industries. Equally to blame are the company managers who agreed to those inflated salaries and benefits while they were fat and happy, now they can no longer compete and want the taxpayer to bail them out.

Mr. Broder expects the government to relieve the Big Three of their burden by nationalizing health care. Will that solve Detroit’s problem, hardly, does anyone even believe that the UAW would give up their “gold-plated” coverage in favor of a national system? Think again.

Obama’s Cabinet Choices

We need to be proactive against Obama’s, stated, leftist agenda and also reactive to unforeseen events, like asking your Senators not to confirm unacceptable cabinet choices, like Eric Holder for attorney general.

Holder was intimately involved in the cesspool of the Clinton Pardons and was politically motivated. Quoting published accounts – “He has been a prominent advocate for liberal and progressive legal causes, supporting the restoration of voting rights for convicted felons and, most recently, signing on to a friend of the court brief embracing Washington’s strict ban on handguns. Holder was also a Clinton administration point man in defense of the highly controversial pardon of 16 convicted members of FALN. The group conducted a violent campaign with more than 100 bombings and other incidents from 1974 to 1983 in New York and Chicago. The attacks left six dead and roughly 70 injured.” He is a fawning Obama fan In his own words: “Loyalty is something I value an awful lot. And so my decision to support Barack was not necessarily a difficult one, but I had to be really moved by him.”

The AG has broad power to litigate on behalf of the government, the last person we need is one that will blindly use his office to advance Obama’s agenda. Obama has said that he does not believe in the Separation of powers constraint, and I believe he will use the courts to circumvent the legislature. He wants Eric Holder as his point man.

I have already written my Senators, they being comrade Chris Dodd and schmo Joe Liberman I expect they will vote to confirm, but we must speak out even in the face of certain rejection as we have no other recourse, until the next election.

Here are links to contact your Senators and Representatives via the Internet – Do it now, and keep it up! https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm


The contrived “sky is falling” outcry from the politicians to rush through the “bailout” package was nothing more than another way to move us to the left. When government takes even a part ownership in a business, that business will be directed, at least in part, by the government, and socialist governments run the businesses. It was the government’s demand to lenders, directing them to write loans to those who couldn’t afford it, which led to the downfall of Freddie and Fannie. The “sky is falling, world is ending”, crisis has given the government opportunity to overtly interfere in private enterprise. As of now, dozens of private businesses are asking for help and they will surely get it. According to USA Today “Barack Obama has made it clear that he favors supporting the auto industry and more economic stimulus”. More stimuli being “giving” money to whoever comes asking for help. It’s no coincidence that a socialist politician wants to make private businesses beholden to government largess.

It’s kind of like when the federal government takes our taxes, skims off a portion, and “gives” it back to the states, it always comes with strings attached. This is an overt way of abridging states rights. Like if you want federal highway funds you have to have a 55-mph speed limit. First they made the states dependent on Federal money then told them you can have a 65-mph speed limit if you want, but you won’t receive Federal highway funds if you do. Private business, watch out, your turn is coming. Goldman Sachs said in a note to clients. “It’s conceivable use of the remaining funds could come with more congressional strings attached,”

In a brazen twist, USA Today wrote; “Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Wednesday that the government will no longer buy troubled assets from bank balance sheets, the original intent of the (bailout sic.) legislation, and will mainly focus on injecting money into the financial sector”. Remember, if you want to find out who is in control, “follow the money” once the government has it’s paws on the financial markets bureaucrats will control the money!

Barack Obama rode to election on the backs of taxpayers whose “patriotic” contributions have been used to create a large bloc of voters hooked on government dependency and social programs. Such dependency is designed to favor big government social reformers like President elect Obama, and relect like minded legislators.

Now that these legislators have created enough voter dependency on government handouts to render the opposition nearly powerless, they are planning to do the same to private enterprise and replace Capitalism with Socialism once and for all.

Govern from the center? ygtbk!

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – It is a duck! I believe that Obama will not, in fact he can not, govern from the center as the media hacks from CNN, CBS, AP and etc. who along with left wing nut case Pelosi claim he will have to do. They are beginning to worry (finally) about the politics of the man they did all in their power to elect.

They ought to be running scared. Look at his history, the legislation he voted for both in Illinois and in Washington, listen to his speeches, read his books and understand who the people are that he has surrounded himself with and look at what causes he has supported. Any one of these would be a showstopper for me and these are only the beliefs Obama and his handlers have ALLOWED the public to see and hear! what more don’t we know? I don’t believe it’s racist or any other liberal mud they so love to sling, to speak the truth about Obama. On the contrary by sticking our heads in the sand and hoping he is not what HE SAYS HE IS, diminishes us and leaves us wide open to his form of socialism. God knows how deep his racism and anti-American, socialist beliefs run as he is so far to the left publicly!

I have outlined a plan to counter Obama and those who will support his beliefs and agenda. It is posted on this blog at, http://www.gray-morass.4info4.com/?p=230. I invite everyone to comment that post and add his or her suggestions and lets get to work. The time for hope is past, the time for action is now, make your voices heard until they start listening. Our fate rests with the PEOPLE not the politicians or media hacks.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” Yoda

Plan Ahead for ’10 & ’12!

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” Tom Landry

Our Goal is to foil their socialist agenda now, and unseat Obama and the “progressives, liberals, socialists”, both state and federal, in elections 2010 and 2012. What we need to focus on is a plan to achieve that end. The time to start is now, before they do so much damage to our constitution, freedoms and livelihoods that it would take generations to undo. Here is our plan so far, I will keep adding to this list, feel free to comment with your suggestion.


  • Let your views be known.
  • Write your representatives often.
  • Write your representatives PROACTIVELY not reactively. Let them know before legislation is introduced that we are watching and will not support any (insert liberal garbage) legislation or the legislators who back it.
  • Write your newspaper(s) letters to the editor column. Many papers have forms on their web-sites to submit a letter for publication, most others will accept e-mail. Read their submission policies carefully, as any excuse not to publish letters at odds with their view will be used. Note that many liberal rags accept few submissions that express conservative viewpoints, keep writing them anyway let them know you will not buy a paper that is biased.


  • If you receive an unsatisfactory response let them know you will not accept it.


  • Keep the pressure on, remind them often that (insert liberal garbage) is a vote deciding issue.


  • Educate others about (insert liberal garbage).
  • Educate your self to intelligently counter any argument.
  • Be credible, get your facts first.

Feel no Fear!

  • The liberals are great for telling us what we should believe and how we should act, but they don’t practice what they preach. They call their own agendas and their opponents view the exact opposite of the truth. (such as the “Fairness Doctrine” and that we are the racists.)
  • Turn the tables and show how they or their view is actually (insert liberal BS).
  • Do not be silenced by fear of being called an (insert liberal BS).
  • Do not be afraid to speak your mind.

If we stick to this plan it will be much harder for them to ramrod their agenda and pass stealth legislation.

The clock is ticking!

Post election – Week 2

No surprises as we enter the second week following Obama’s election, though the concerns keep mounting. Obama believes he has a mandate because he won more than 50% of the vote. According to American University political scientist Curtis Gans, an authority on voter turnout, 2008 Voter turnout is estimated at 60.7% – 61.7% of eligible voters vs. 60.6% in 2004. The percentages remain substantially the same even though 4 million more people are estimated to have cast a ballot this year as there are 6.5 million more voters registered than were in 2004. The figures also show that Republican turnout DECLINED 1.3% and Democratic turnout increased by 2.6%. African American voter turnout increased by 2% to 13% of the electorate.

What does this all mean?

  • More Republicans stayed home, unhappy with John McCain and were willing to let people “get what they ask for”. More would have stayed home but for Sarah Palin.
  • More Democrats turned out. Due in large part to the vote getting effort of Obama’s supporters, ACORN being none the least.
  • More African Americans voted – No Comment.
  • A quote by a *Democratic strategist who did not want to be named as criticizing Obama’s campaign. – “It sort of calls into question some of the vaunted ground game discussion, the whole turnout machine,..” “The GOTV effort was redoubled in 2008 compared to 2004, but it did not seem to make that big of a difference.”
  • Obama garnered approximately 65.97 million votes and McCain 57.77 million, lets see, of all the eligible voters in the United States 33% supported Obama 27.7% supported McCain and 39.3% didn’t vote!

To sum it up, If there was a mandate it was that most people didn’t care who won and neither candidate has taken the pulse of the Nation! However Obama believes he has a “real mandate for change” and is planning to use “EXECUTIVE ORDERS” to “ACT QUICKLY” to undo the previous administration’s policies, without waiting for congressional action. According to John Podesta, Obama’s transition chief, a good bet is that Obama will ban offshore drilling, among other priorities! As Obama has already predicted our energy bills “WILL SKYROCKET”, just when home heating and transportation costs have reached an acceptable level, an insane attempt to force feed us an energy policy that is technologically impossible appears to be his priority. Obama is in effect promising us $5 a gallon gasoline and home heating oil again!

To the Future

Now that the 2008 presidential election is behind us my thoughts go to what the future has in store and whom will conservative folks unhappy with both candidates look to. Though it’s too early to tell, amid all the finger pointing of the defeated McCain camp, if Sarah Palin will lead us out of the desert, I’m here to say RHINOS (republicans in name only) like John McCain should be banished to the pages of history. McCain has no one but himself to blame for his defeat, he refused to challenge Obama on a myriad of real concerns like;

  • Who is Obama, really? We only were fed the Hollywood version by the worshiping media who suddenly are asking themselves what did we do, we knew we were campaigning for his election but did we ask the right questions to find out who he really is or what he believes in? Too little too late.
  • Tax issues that any economics 101 student knows are wrong for today’s economy and are anti business, anti investment and anti growth. Stagnation waiting to happen.
  • Obama pals and mentors like Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers, both America hating firebrands. Yet he clung to their defense, finally and begrudgingly trying to distance himself.
  • His association with ACORN and his $800,000 “donation” to sign up new (many several times or unqualified) voters and actively tell them to vote for Obama. His role in training ACORN recruiters, did Obama teach them how to inflate the voting rolls, where did they learn to commit the fraud that is being prosecuted in several states?
  • Here’s one for you lib’s. How about Obama’s stand on Abortion to vote AGAINST lifesaving treatment for BABIES that survived late term abortions! That’s insane, what are we becoming!

These and a myriad of other concerns to an informed citizen were left mostly unchallenged by the McCain Camp. His problem was that he believes much like Obama and couldn’t challenge him, given the choices, the voters went with the young, suave and sophisticated guy. I believe McCain would have been the lesser evil and a good slice of the country did also, a sharper distinction could have tipped the scales.

Now some in the McCain camp are attempting to cast the blame on Sarah Palin for his defeat. Get real, in a Rasmussen exit poll 69% of Republicans said Sarah Palin HELPED McCain, while only 20% said she hurt him. Read this, according to Rasmussen, 91% of Republicans have a favorable view of her while only 8% see her unfavorably. When asked for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% said Palin, the next closest contenders garnered 12% and 11% respectively.

Read the news! now that Sarah Palin is back in Alaska and Oil, which provides the bulk of state revenue, has fallen below $60 a barrel and are below the level needed to balance the state budget. What does Sarah say to that? Quote “Now we kick in that fiscal conservativeness that needs to be engaged, and we progress this state with $57-a-barrel oil,” and said the state would have to “be prudent with public dollars and provide services more efficiently than have ever been provided in the state of Alaska before.” ! The Palin smear campaign continues because the opposition sees Ms. Palin as being a real conservative, and wants her to go away, now the McCain camp is helping them out. Shame!

Sarah Palin displays the kind of leadership that the Republican Party wants, needs! Can Sarah beat Obama in 2012, will she run? I don’t know what the next four years will bring, but I do know you can’t beat the Democrats by becoming more like them. John, are you listening, George?

What’s New?

So much for change – Obama is staffing his cabinet with former Clintonites, he couldn’t wait for inaguration to start breaking his promises! I for one don’t want him to keep ANY!
No to Obama

To borrow a line “This man carries more baggage than a 747!”

Too tired to write more, spent it all getting my “Countdown to election 2012” clock going.

Letter to CT Secratary of State

Dear Ms. Bysiewicz,

I appreciate your attendance and meeting you at today’s veteran’s day ceremonies at Botelle School in Norfolk. I’m sure you’re appreciative of our service to this country, both in times of peace and war, and not just the voting bloc we represent.

I was very disappointed that you had to leave as I have a deep concerning question regarding your address here and your recent stance to defeat the proposed constitutional convention, as was your position the last time it came up.

Your address made a strong point that the freedom to vote is one of the most important freedoms we veteran’s have fought for! Yet you came out strongly against Question No. 1 which would give the people of Connecticut an avenue to vote, either for or against thus far un-named initiatives. To me this is at complete odds with your position stated here today. Regretfully, many ELECTED officials whom recognize there is a safety in numbers and fear no repercussions at the polls share your position.

But how do explain your contradiction? Please don’t give me the line that it would be dominated by special interests that would take away voter’s rights! Do you honestly think everyone would believe that lie as the obvious majority did? Talking special interests, defeat was the aim of the following SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS;

Connecticut Education Association
National Education Association
American Federation of Teachers
Liberals Like Christ
American Civil Liberties Union of CT
CT Transadvocacy Coalition
CT National Organization for Women
NARAL Pro-Choice CT
CT Assoc. of Public School Superintendents
Love Makes a Family
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders
Planned Parenthood of CT
Queers Without Borders
Trial Lawyers Association
Coalition for Reproductive Choice of CT

These groups have been denying voters rights and achieving favorable, yet unpopular, legislation and rulings using PAC monies to “buy” legislators, and Judges willing to violate the separation of power’s constraint to legislate from the bench! That your party is cahoots with these groups it is no surprise to me, however our so-called Republicans are equally guilty, as is Governor Rell who made little issue, and the republicans that remained silent.

I rightfully believe the above groups are afraid of losing ground or being denied by the voters should Question No. 1 have passed. I believe that Binding Arbitration should be eliminated and that public employees should be prohibited from unionizing and /or calling strikes in order to raid taxpayer’s pockets. I do not believe in homosexual marriage or abortion and I believe it is criminal to ignore federal law and offer sanctuary to illegal aliens. I do believe a true three strikes law will take career criminals off the street. However we voter’s were not allowed our say on any of these issues that directly affect how TAXPAYERS monies are spent, and thanks to the successful defeat of the proposed constitutional convention our voices will continue to be unheeded.

Give me ONE GOOD reason not to vote the lot of you out of office.

Question 1 and democracy fail

It is truly a sad day for Connecticut that the one way our electorate could affect course of several UNPOPULAR laws, or lack thereof, and rein in Judicial legislation by Activism, has been defeated. The call for a constitution convention has been rejected by the same voters that have been disaffected by Juducial fiat and unpopular legislation! They obviously did not understand that they were being hoodwinked by the misinformation, lies and intimidation of the very special interests that are shopping for Judges and “buying” legislators in order to bypass the voter! There is no check on their ability to get favorable legislation passed or Juducial decree mandated, and none is coming. Welcome to Conecticut, The Constitution State?

This is another win for the SPECIAL INTERESTS named in my previous post. With massive amounts of money they inundated us with lies and half truths along with a unhealthy dose of FEAR to defeat a call for a Constitutional Convention. People I’ve spoken with are telling me that they didn’t understand, they thought a yes vote would allow “special interests” to defeat popular laws and mandates! Special interests groups insinuating that they are not special interests groups but their opposition is? Baloney! We are ALL special interests in one form or another! It will be another 20 years before we have another opportunity to rein in Judicial Activism and send a message to our elected officials that WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to control our laws.

Satan is having a good laugh – on us!