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Obama wore MILITARY surplus

According to CBS News “There was a time before Obama wore tailored suits – when his wardrobe consisted of $5 military-surplus khakis” – SURPLUS! Because he NEVER served his country nor carries the scars John McCain almost gave his life for. He should have been ashamed!

I remember being discharged from the Army in 1971, mere hours after returning to the United States from Vietnam. “Anti war” crowds were harassing our men in uniform as they flew our airways and rode our trains and busses. We were warned to travel in civilian clothes to avoid being accosted on our travels! Obama’s friends like Bill Ayers and other’s who were, and are still, seeking the downfall of our society had created that much hatred of our military. We (servicemen and women) were doing our duty, serving our country, fighting against communist aggression to preserve freedom for another nation, the same freedom that Obama’s pals were using against us to incite those attacks.

I traveled home wearing my Army Dress Greens.

Obama boots reporters off plane!

Obama has given the boot to reporters from three newspapers that edorsed John McCain. Drudge Report

This megalomaniac is apparently preparing for more self-aggrandizing by documenting these final hours before the election with a fawning only crowd.

What’s so terrible?

So much is being made of the “last 8 years” and the “failed Bush” administration, economics and policies, ad naseaum, that I wonder if anyone can continue to believe this garbage. Least of all those who believe that an Obama administration will make them better off!

Let’s look at it up until the sudden, current economic woes and ignore the responsibility the Democratic Congress, especially Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Barack Obama (who are the top recipients of largess bestowed by the very people we are bailing out)! Lets also ignore the slew of democratic initiatives pushed by Nancy Pelosi and passed by the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY that played a major part in the “meltdown”.

As I see it, and with history unrevised, lets consider a few results of the “failed policies” and economics, like the bush tax cuts and war on terror;

  • The GNP, a measure of economic soundness, has seen a steady increase
  • EVERYONE has seen a tax reduction
  • Employment is at an all time high, so much so that even given the recent layoffs there are still more Americans working than under any other administration!
  • We haven’t experienced a terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.
  • Iraq is a fledging democratic society in the Middle East.
  • President Bush is a fan of more big government and social programs.

So please tell me what don’t you like about that? Barack Obama promises the same, more jobs and bigger government. Or how about lower taxes? In fact the Bush tax cuts that will be allowed to expire under an Obama administration will mean YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP yet he can keep his “promise” not to increase taxes! That’s a change from political double speak?

Give me a break! Stop whining and take a look at the facts, if you want change you aren’t going to find it in Barack Obama. You aren’t likely to find it in John McCain either, however Sarah Palin promises real change, to finally clean out the corruption, reduce the size and scope of government and the intrusion into our lives, etc., etc., and etc.!

Elect John McCain who represents the better of two undesirable candidates. Put your hope in Sarah Palin for 2012 that the next four years will prove her ready, fit and able to take on the role of the President of the United States. She is one of us.

God Bless America, God save America!

Faith Restored So Far

See the previous writing regarding someone, something or (hopefully not) some directive at the blog search web-site Bloggernity, that eliminates Anti Obama, conservative and patriotic blogs. It is two days since posting the previous message and re-submitting this blog under another name, so far this blog is still listed as a new submission blog listing. Please check it out and comment, as you will, on that page.

I take this as a good sign as the first submission was scrubbed almost immediately and my ability to re-submit it frustrated.

Perhaps this was a transient glitch and not a deliberate effort to silence this voice, we’ll see.

It didn’t take long!

As proof of efforts to quell the voice of opposition to an elitist, liberal and socialist movement, suppression of conservative speech and a permeating bias toward Obama – I offer the censoring of this web-site by the blog search engine Bloggernity I submitted this site through their submission interface and I was thanked and the site was promptly listed in their new blogs list, Right under another new site “get angry WITH me” which is pro Obama and leftist.

Going back about an hour later to make a slight change to my listing I discovered that the leftist site was still there however this conservative one was gone! I went to submit it again and lo and behold I could log into the account I created but was unable to make a submission.

I have created a new account , new e-mail and submittted it again. I will report it as it happens.

I had a dream

I woke up on November 5th expecting the worst scenario I could imagine, that Barack Hussein Obama won the presidential election and the democrats had swept the House and Senate races. Newspapers like the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and even our own Hartford Courant were anxiously awaiting their “anointed ones” ascension to leader of the “free” world. A country where government would soon embrace a decidedly socialist agenda in the sprit of Karl Marx. “from each according to his ability” (what you earn)  “To each according to his need” (give it to those that don’t work). I envisioned a scene that I understood from visiting relatives from a then Communist Poland. When mom brought our cousin grocery shopping on a Wednesday morning, the cousin expressed utter confusion at the near empty store and asked “where are all the customers”? Mom replied it was Wednesday morning  and the stores are usually quiet, to which our cousin replied “but…. there’s  food on the shelves”! Such are the realities when self sufficiency and hard work is rewarded by confiscation of your earnings. As government takes more and more away from the productive to give to the unproductive in the name of fairness, production spirals ever downward, until it ceases

But! To my surprise what we were led to believe was wrong, a great majority of voters did not sweep the false prophet of change or his minions into office! The exact opposite was true, everyone understood!  The results of ambition and hard work are not a right, though the opportunity to advance your  station in life and the freedom to seek such advancement without government interference is.  Government will not be engineering a society where ambition and hard work is punished and those that lacked the same are rewarded. Whether you move up or not is a matter of free choice, government is not responsible. At their own peril, the media was finally understood to be in concert with the liberal elite in attempting to deceive the public through unashamed biased reporting. America as we grew up in was safe!

Then I awoke.

Wake Up!

Barack Hussein Obama refuses to give straight answers to real concerns and falls back on his stump speech mantra of change. Here are the changes as I see them

Higher taxes – nowhere does he tell us where the trillions of dollars for the price tag of his promised  new spending are coming from. Robin Hood baits the hook by proposing to tax the “rich” to give tax cuts to everyone else to feed the economy from the bottom up. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” said Karl Marx in 1875, and now Barack Hussein Obama in 2008! Never mind that the top 1% of all taxpayers already pay 40% of all taxes and the top 5% pay 60% of the taxes! Does he not remember how well the Regan tax cuts drove a prosperous economy for all?.

While advantage has it’s part in the manufacture of wealth it doesn’t prevent anyone from putting in the long hours and hard work so many people have invested in THEMSELVES to move up and generate wealth. Their wealth is what drives the economy, from the top down not the bottom up as Mr. Barack Hussein Obama would like us to believe. Who do you think contributes more to the economy and job creation? The Wal-mart greeter or other entry level employee who by their OWN (in)actions have refused to apply their effort to move upwards, who pays no taxes yet collects a “rebate” on taxes they didn’t pay! Who cries to the “Quick Mart” employee that high saleries for some are “unfair” for them, as they fork over $20, $30, $40 dollars or more for lottery tickets, cigarettes and beer! Or the “wealthy”  man who through hard work and education, aids in the creation of job growth, either directly through his or her business, or indirectly through the myriad of goods and services purchased as their station in life allows. He is generous in supporting local and other charities and often contributes twice to the education system by sending his children to private school while paying taxes into the local public school system. By the way Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is adamantly against school vouchers and school choice which would allow the rest of us to offer a better education to our children than they get in our failed public school system. A system that focuses on getting high raises and perks for the “teachers” at the expense or our children’s education, teachers whom are happily are bankrupting our towns and cities with binding arbitration awards, while brainwashing our youth with liberal double-speak! But that’s another topic. I could go on and on pointing out how the economy is driven by a high disposable income which translates into a robust job market with it’s opportunities for other fortunes to be made, so I hope you get my point. The bottom line is the opportunity is there it is up to the individual to take advantage of it.

Lest we forget my initial question, Barack Hussein Obama can’t raise enough new tax on the “rich” to even pay the cost of the new government employees needed for his proposed re-distribution. So he either reneges on his promises or he raises taxes on everybody.

Changing the Washington Culture, exactly what does that mean from the man who selected Joe Biden, a senator since 1972, as his running mate and is himself third on the list of PAC money received from the beneficiaries of the recent “bailout”! Right, who is he kidding, Slick Willie has nothing on this guy!

Oh gee, that’s it - that is what Mr. Barack Hussein Obama will do in Washington, that and have our troops killed in Afghanistan instead of Iraq. Legitimize dictators like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejadand and “our good friend in Venezuela” Hugo Chavez, while seeking direction from his roll models and mentors like race baiting, America hating Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan the national representative of the Nation of Islam and a critic of American society and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres http://powerlineblog.com/archives/2008/04/020358.php . Why do you suppose that Russia, Hamas, Iran and Islamists endorse Barack Hussein Obama?

Wake Up and be careful what you wish for.


Connecticut – Question 1 – What’s to fear?

It is no small wonder that activist judges and well heeled special interest groups are able to supercede the will of the voters in Connecticut. Witness the current political ads asking for a no vote on the proposed Constitutional Convention that are using fear in an attempt to defeat Question 1. The politics of fear is leading us ever closer to socialism and lest we awake one morning to find our  freedoms and self determination completely suppressed we must say enough is enough.

These ads would have us believe that a yes vote will allow evil and un-named “Special Interest Groups” to destroy our “voter’s rights”! How absurd is that premise and how ignorant do the real Special Interest Groups looking to further suppress the will of the voters think we are? When was the last time we voted on binding arbitration, a three strikes law, abortion on demand or homosexual marriage to name a few? A yes vote on Question 1 will only allow  bringing an initiative up for a vote before the people, a MAJORITY of Connecticut voters MUST approve any such initiative before becoming law. Please explain how that can destroy our voter’s rights.

Judges are supposed to uphold the law NOT make law, binding arbitration is bankrupting our cities and towns, giving groups like the CEA, and public employee unions salaries and perks unheard of in private industry. Taxes are out of control and it’s time that we voters have a voice in how our hard earned monies are spent. Connecticut has three times as many public employees per capita then the national average and the “public service” (an oxymoron to most of us) sector is still leading in job growth!

The following named groups are advocating a defeat of Question 1, a defeat that would continue to prevent voters from having a say in the way our laws are written and our government run. Are these NOT “Special Interests” , who are they kidding!

  • Connecticut Education Association
  • National Education Association American
  • Federation of Teachers
  • Liberals Like Christ
  • American Civil Liberties Union of CT
  • CT Transadvocacy Coalition
  • CT National Organization for Women
  • NARAL Pro-Choice CT
  • CT Assoc. of Public School Superintendents
  • Love Makes a Family
  • Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders
  • Planned Parenthood of CT
  • Queers Without Borders
  • Trial Lawyers Association
  • Coalition for Reproductive Choice of CT

As there is no compelling reason not to have a constitutional convention, could they be afraid of a yes vote, believing that a MAJORITY of Connecticut voters do not approve of their positions? For all we know they have the majority in their corner, but we can never know unless it comes to a popular vote.

We must not miss this opportunity to have OUR voices heard. Vote YES on question 1 and let the people decide if we are to be shepherds or sheep.