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Pony Up Connecticut Taxpayers!

Not to my surprise Governor Malloy and the union heads have reached an agreement, however it’s one that both he and his union cronies can spin into the continuing web of deceit as to who’s bearing the load and who he’s really looking out for. Our governor could have begun a positive move towards parity with the private sector by reeling in the obscene wages and benefits our over compensated and under worked state employees enjoy. Instead he’s guaranteed that businesses and taxpayers will be hit again and even harder the following fiscal year and the next, ad nauseum, while state employees will be immune from layoffs or any real concessions.

The largest tax increase in Connecticut history coupled with the second highest cost of energy in the nation closes the door on any business crazy enough to consider expanding or locating in Connecticut. That isn’t good enough for this administration, by forcing those with over 50 employees into giving paid “sick” leave, Hartford’s planning to lock it tight.

Forcing private employers to grant each employee an additional 5 paid days off (40 hours) guarantees a total loss of 2000 hours of labor or one full time employee for every 50 people employed. Having 50 or 51 employees a company may very well choose to lay one or two off, rather than add employees to keep up the current productive hours under the overburdening costs of doing business here. Others will surely leave the state to escape the crush of big government taking all their jobs with it. Either way Connecticut will continue to lose jobs and revenue in it’s continuing decline from it’s once prosperous economy to one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and one of only 16 states still losing jobs, second only to California last month.

With government spending always on the increase the 2013 budget will demand even more tax revenue that will have to come from fewer and fewer taxpaying businesses and individuals. That is those who haven’t left for better opportunities, therefore we need to demand better from Malloy and our elected officials.