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Senator Blumenthall’s E-mail

As his web-site doesn’t publish this information, you can contact Senator Blumenthall at his Washington e-mail address


Arizona Shootings

The tragedy in Arizona has affected the victims, their families and the Nation in profound ways, however we mustn’t ignore or lose sight of a different and far reaching impact, that of main street media coverage. When first hearing of the shooting I immediately thought how the left along with the help of the lap-dog media would react, and voila! Remember these were the same folks who were certain the murders Major Hassan committed had no connection to radical Islam.

Much factually based information has come forth via talk radio, unbiased commentators and even reluctantly by the mass media which fully obliterate accusations the media leveled immediately after the shootings. Were these nebulous connections based on known fact or a result of a long term plan? My belief is the attack on our free speech along with renewed calls for more gun control was SCRIPTED long before the tragic shootings, lying in wait for a convenient but inevitable act, remember “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Every talking head had the same spin, hardly a coincidence, all that’s been said to impugn and silence patriotic Americans was written long in advance, lying in wait for when the moment arose. As usual though, as more information bubbles to the surface regarding the actual event the connections drawn become more outlandish.

Never mind that the murdered Judge was appointed by George H. W. Bush, or that the carnage included the young the elderly, women and men, Christians and Jews, and a Congresswoman who herself was targeted by the far left for defeat in favor of one further to the left! Ignore the fact that the act was committed by a Marxist, Skinhead, Anti-Semite having a shrine to the occult in his back yard whose favorite books include Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, blueprints for the left wing! All that aside, media’s certain the “target” was the Congresswoman and plainly is the fault of conservative valued free speech, and the right of law abiding citizens to arm themselves in defense against that very sort of act.

The left openly opined for the death of President Bush, said nothing when his image was burned in effigy or against the plethora of “kill Bush” sentiment. Their embrace of overt malice towards their opposition while inventing an unfounded connection between the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and talk radio to a deranged individual simply proves once more who and what they are, and they’re no friend of the American people. God help us.