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Divide and conquer?

Today our ethically challenged Senator Chris Dodd introduced a new 1000 plus page bill of “sweeping changes” to the way money markets and banks are regulated. Scrapping the current oversight by the Fed, FDIC and SEC placing regulatory control under a new bureaucracy run by political appointees. Forget for a moment that Chris Dodd was the architect of legislation and regulations that lead to the economic collapse and the mortgage meltdown. Aside from the fact that nothing has changed to correct those disasters his proposed bureaucracy will now control all the money and controlling all the money controls everything else.

Obama’s presidency is all about control as he watches himself walk by the mirror. His agenda is to rule over every aspect of our lives and he knows that money is the ultimate control, so it’s no wonder that he stands behind Chris Dodd and stumps for his reelection.

Cap and trade, health care overhaul, socialist czars with sweeping powers over free enterprise, thought and speech, and now complete government takeover of the entire financial industry! Is Obama overreaching and should he be stopped? You bet!

The White House makes up completely bogus “jobs created or saved” numbers, allows men and women to die in Afghanistan while he pussyfoots around, stating he’s “uncomfortable with the concept of victory” (yes he said that!). Our commander in chief apparently thinks the Fort Hood killings were less worthy than a self-important speech to Native Americans. Perhaps he learned from the Gates incident that without a teleprompter bearing the reflection he so loves his true feelings are evidenced and people find out who he is and what he really believes. But the Teflon President has a worshiping press that comes to his aid along with a Congress that ignores the Constitution and passes healthcare legislation that is actually little about health care and a lot of government control over everything else.

On the heels of passing “health care reform” that Obama and the left want despite every reliable poll showing most people don’t, his worshipping accolade Chris Dodd writes a monstrous bill handing him more power! One has to ask himself what the blazes are they trying to do, I say they’re trying to divide and conquer. There are so many hot button issues that Obama’s pursuing he’s overloading the resistance. Whether you believe in free markets and small government, or that health care is your own responsibility and decisions are between you and your doctor. Or if you believe Cap and Trade will kill more businesses and increase the cost of most everything else or that handing complete control over the money markets to a single government bureaucracy is lunacy, there’s an issue for you. Obama may be attempting to divide his opposition into so many different areas he’ll be able to make an end run around several camps instead of hitting a united font against the greatest threat our liberties have ever faced. Understand your enemy’s strategy and you’ve a good chance of winning, each separate issue is but a single part of the whole. By standing together and putting aside our individual concerns we can stop the madness.