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Cancel your HBO

“Comedian Larry David and HBO find humor by urinating on a painting of Jesus Christ and mocking of Christians in the latest episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ ”

Cancel your HBO and tell your cable provider you will not subscribe to the appropriate plan until they remove it from their package.


Boycott The Home Depot

A Florida Home Depot store fired a young patriotic Christian man named Trevor Keezer for wearing an American Flag pin bearing the words “One Nation Under God Indivisible” see Fired for Wearing ‘One Nation Under God’ Pin

That event underscores the left wing’s reach in destroying America as we know it.

I urge everyone to boycott The Home Depot.

Fox News Report

Nobel Laureate Obama – huh?

According to the Nobel Prize committee president Obama wins this years Peace Prize for his “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” Nominations were due to the committee on Feb. 1, Obama took office on Jan. 20 – Hello! What has he accomplished to date let alone in his first twelve days as president other than spout high sounding rhetoric? It appears that what I say I’m going to do is as good as doing it. However it may simply be a consolation prize for not getting the Olympics or for the inability to un-prize George W. Bush.

According to Republican strategist, Ed Rollins “Three speeches is a start.. … Is it really that he built peace in the world or that he wants peace? I congratulate him for it. The key thing is what does he do now to earn it.” I say don’t hold your breath.

Sharing the honor with former winners such as Internet Al Gore the prophet of the myth of global warming, PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter the heretofore worst U.S. President and champion of Socialism, one can see the Committee has a peculiar taste when it comes to acceptance of unproven speculation as fact, terrorists and left wing idealism.

Hope and change folks!

Politics above country

Obama, eternally in campaign mode is wrapping his arms around the unworthy Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, while buffoon Biden stumps for little known Connecticut Congressmen, all up for election in 2010. Dodd’s disastrous poll numbers show the Connecticut Socialist, friend of Fidel Castro and Latin American Leftists is in political peril with coat tails long enough to bring other Connecticut Democrats down with him. Hence the sudden attention to a state that’s been solidly and deeply blue, virtually ignored by presidents and presidential hopefuls.

Chris Dodd used his committee chairmanship over the banking industry to shake down the financial sector for gobs of campaign money. Scoring sweetheart deals along the way he unabashedly sold his position and created legislation favorable to the financial sector that led to the mortgage crisis, Chris Dodd bear market and the monstrous and growing multi trillion dollar deficit which will burden taxpayers for generations. Apparently Obama is good with that as long he can count on Dodd’s yea vote for any and every piece of Socialistic legislation.

President Obama, in showcasing Dodd, is all but admitting that his policies are in trouble and attempts at passing legislation palatable to the sum total of his filibuster proof congress has thus far failed and unlikely for the foreseeable future. He desperately needs to hang on to his majority Congress beyond 2010 in order to force feed us his socialist agenda, however he’s looking at a very possible future as a lame duck.