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Someone acted stupidly

Someone acted stupidly but it wasn’t Sergeant James M. Crowley Henry Gates police report

The hatred filled diatribe by Professor/racist Henry Louis Gates Jr. may well be the opening salvo in such confrontation that has not been seen since the 1960’s!

The knee jerk remark by President Obama, who admittedly without knowledge of the arrest, immediately chose to comment as would a “community organizer” of the likes of Reverend Wright, Al Sharpton et al and a race baiter and cop hater, rather than the President of the United States! From a man who pledged to “heal the racial divide” he surely fanned the flames of confrontation, rather than getting the facts beforehand.

His words belie his true beliefs and no wonder as he listened for 20 years to America hating Reverend Wright with close ties to the likes of Louis Farrakhan the national representative of the Nation of Islam and a critic of American society and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres!

President Obama is power hungry and angry at America, he is deepening the divisions within this country instead of using the power of his office to make good on his worthless promises. When he is caught exposing his true feelings he chooses not to apologize but weasel out by claiming “I could’ve calibrated those words differently”, WTF! He is incapable of keeping his true beliefs hidden and can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth because he BELIEVES America is BAD, all whites are racist and the police are racist and STUPID!

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

We know who and what he is, as long as he has a willing Congress our rights and freedoms and what gains have been made in accepting other races and cultures are all on the line. Congress MUST be wrested from Democratic control in 2010.

“I worry, my mom worries”

Why Tea Parties – because..

Career politicians of both parties are bent on creating policy ensuring they have a life time job as the elite shepherds of the common man. Elevated to their lofty positions by those who votes they buy through promising them a share of the pie they didn’t earn.

Protesting those policies hoping to remove those responsible are one of the few ways we can attempt to foster a real change and a return to smaller government and personal responsibility. It is not about the man but about the system, everyone in government is responsible for keeping the system intact as the founding fathers envisioned. They foresaw the current situation and drafted our constitution in hopes of preventing it from coming to pass. Over time, and it didn’t happen overnight or even with the last election, politicians have corrupted the system and we are on the verge of collapsing as a free market democratic society. The last election was the last straw.

Join the resistance http://teaparty.org/

How we got here

Everyday I ask myself how did this happen, thinking about the current administration who’s policies, which if unchecked, are sure to turn this once great nation into a third world country, or worse. How did we elect a President that insults our allies and kisses up to the enemies of freedom as he rushes headlong to institute policies of a purely socialistic nature? A president who won’t “meddle” in the affairs of Iran or North Korea but forcibly dictates to Israel, who tells Russia that our defenses can’t protect us from attack. Who in his own words from Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” he seems to prefers sharia law over democracy.

How did this happen in America?

Total 2008 Voter turnout is estimated at 60.7% – 61.7% of all eligible voters.

Obama garnered approximately 65.97 million votes and McCain 57.77 million, lets see, of all the eligible voters in the United States 33% supported Obama 27.7% supported McCain and 39.3% didn’t vote! Hardly an overwhelming victory.

More math – African Americans comprise 13% of the electorate, 98% of those voted for Obama. If the African American vote mirrored the voting preferences (33% Obama – 27.7% McCain) of the entire country then Obama would have lost to McCain by over 6 million votes.

What does this all mean? Nothing really just that numbers can’t be trusted.

The greatest majority chose not to vote, indicating their happiness with the status quo! Why do we wonder how we got into this mess?