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Miles to go before I sleep

It extremely hard to pick a subject about Obama and the current administration to blog about as there are so many to choose from, they increase exponentially almost daily and I want to write about them all! When I begin a composition and several more equally good or better subjects come out of the Obama camp, where do I begin?

Take the “CEO bonuses” was it Dodd, Geitner/Obama who opened the door for Bailout money to reward the executives who ruined AIG? Are the execs “greedy”, “fat capitalists” or just MBAs who have a good compensation contract? Who cares but the Obama followers who along with posturing politicians like Chris Dodd & Barney Frank who pander to the populist rant du jour, they all remind me of the French peasants who beheaded Marie Antoinette et al.

The real issue being that the government should have stayed out of the mess in the first place and allowed the free market to decide the fate of AIG. Guess who doesn’t us to know that Nancy Pelosi’s husband was invested in AIG to the tune $.25 – $.5 million dollars and Sen. John Kerry’s wife was in to AIG for over $2 million dollars, both of them standing to lose big time from a bankruptcy. According to a Bloomburg report “Altogether, 56 senators and representatives had stakes in AIG, Lehman, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Stearns Cos. or IndyMac Bancorp Inc. — some of the biggest casualties of the market bloodbath” Did they recuse themselves from the vote for the “bailout” LOL!

The bottom line is that if we didn’t hand over our grandchildren’s money to mismanaged companies, voted for by the very people who stood to gain from the bailout, CEO compensation would be a non issue.

Halve The National Debt?

I haven’t blogged recently as the necessities of keeping our business going has had to take preference.

Today I have a small break and need to comment on Obama’s answer to the question of his increasing the National Debt.

To no surprise he typically blamed the other guy and then phrased his reply as to mislead the listener.

First he stated that he “inherited a huge debt from George Bush”, true $1.3 trillion dollars, (picture a stack of $100 dollar bills over 615 miles high) then he said his plan (if successful) would reduce the national debt 50% in FIVE YEARS, lets say that’s true as well. We are led to believe he is reducing George Bush’s administration’s debt while “saving” the economy. Hurray Obama!

What he didn’t say is that he is increasing the National Debt to $9 trillion dollars (picture a stack of $100 dollar bills over 4,261 MILES HIGH – Latest estimates are approaching $11 trillion dollars – 5,208 miles high). Obama then claims he will reduce that debt by 50% to $4.5 trillion dollars.

The bottom line is that even if Obama’s plan works the National debt will be three and one half times (3 1/2 ), or a stack of $100 dollar bills 1515 miles higher than the debt he “inherited”! –

Will he ever speak the truth, I doubt it.