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Obama’s Ego problem

Obama’s ego my have catastrophic effects on the country through decisions he or others make after he melts down due to the certainty of negativity to his agenda, think about this:

  • We know he has a huge ego or a god complex
  • He can’t stand any one questioning his policies (Joe the Plumber)
  • He doesn’t want the cartoonists to characterize his ears (Article)
  • He’s cautioned the White House Press Corps to not write negatively about him
  • He has DCCC petitioning against Rush Limbaugh for speaking out against him (See their website)
  • Editorial saying that criticizing the president is treason (unbelievable)
  • Another editorial claimed the “honeymoon” is over because Obama was slightly criticized

When you admonish the press and tell them what they can or can’t write or how they can portray him, he’s quashing the first amendment to protect his projected image. When you have the DCCC jumping on a commentator, out of context, for expressing his views you can bet Obama was behind it. Or are they so stupid they didn’t think it would backfire?

I believe all the above are signs that Obama is so self possessed that he will cave under the pressure of scrutiny and criticism, and when the inevitable end to the Obama love affair comes along he’ll have a breakdown. Either they will hide it and our “first time I’ve ever been proud of our country” or a buffoon called Biden will be calling the shots, any way you look at it we’re still screwed!

Was it said, someone liked to interview the Pope because they only had to kiss his ring!

Ugly Swirl of Accusations

So much has been said and so much has been ignored regarding the media bias in favor of the left wing, their socialist agenda and their Democratic lap dogs, that it seems hopeless the main stream media will ever mend it’s ways.

A good example is the recent article about Caroline Kennedy and the “ugly swirl of rumors” surrounding her dropping out of consideration for Hillary’s Senate seat.

The first time I saw any MSM reports of the “ugly rumors” was in the article citing them as the reason she dropped out! Like that was the reason she folded, not Governor Patterson signaling he wasn’t going to name her, forget her “qualifications you know”. I immediately thought about Sarah Palin and the MSM feeding frenzy over a maelstrom of ugly rumors about her and the daily “reporting” with the certainty they’re all true and their frantic attempts to verify them!

Day after day of Palin Bashing, and they’re still afraid of her!

Talk about bias, what crap! Impartiality is all but gone.

Now it begins

The harder I try to ignore the hype surrounding Obama’s inauguration, the harder it becomes. The insanity of the whole thing is that nothing matters except that Obama will become President today and according to a Maryland State Senator who proclaimed “It doesn’t matter if Maryland is broke, as long as Obama is President everything will be great”.

The absurdity of that comment from a politician underscores the fever over the most unqualified and anti-democratic president in history. People care nothing of his agenda, associations, lies and lack of any substance.

Today is truly historic, the end of America as we know it is in sight. God help us.

Remedial Lesson Needed!

File under when will they ever learn – The Treasury Department just announced:

Chrysler’s financing arm has been “loaned” $1.5 Billion taxpayer’s dollars in addition to the $17.4 Billion “bailout” for Chrysler and GM.

The automaker announced that it will immediately use the money to “…….expand lending to car buyers with less than ideal credit”!

Believe it or not!

Private Sector New Jobs? Hardly!

President-elect Barack Obama well understands that if he calls government spending “investment” and bailouts “stimulus” he disguises the fact that our tax dollars are feeding an insatiable pig called big government.

In an announcement based on a report called “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan” Obama said his economic recovery plan would create or save three to four million new jobs, “nearly 90 percent of them in the private sector”. Part of his plan includes unspecified “Business investment incentives”, and he offered a few generalizations about where SOME of the private sector jobs would be created. Business investment incentives giving businesses sound reason to expand and add new and permanent jobs will hopefully be tax reform and deregulation that encourages rather than discourages growth. However, an incentive might be the Democratic holy grail of a single payer government health care system which would “relieve an employer” of that cost. Obama is not saying what these un-named incentives are, will the new jobs be created by private enterprise or jobs resulting from government spending disguised as investment incentives, only time will tell.

He did get specific regarding 1.5 million new jobs in certain areas. These jobs include 350,000 plus, permanent, new government employees (think of those gold plated benefits). The remaining 1 million plus new jobs will come from government spending huge sums of money on infrastructure, energy and health care and are destined to be temporary. Mr. Obama advocates spending money we don’t have to cause a temporary increase in employment and gain greater government control (read interference) over the “private sector”. The job estimates from that report are stated to have a “substantial margin of error”, according to Market Watch peak unemployment will only be reduced by 1%.

To get popular backing for this plan he promises an increase in food stamps and unemployment insurance, topping that off with more state welfare by “fiscal relief designed to alleviate cuts in healthcare, education and prevent increases in state and local taxes”. All this means more entitlements, more spending and more dependence on the Federal Government, all can be called socialism.

The Federal Government doesn’t “invest” with, or give state and local governments free money, it spends our taxes. Government has already spent our grandchildren’s taxes and is planning to spend even more, the ramifications of this deficit spending can only make matters worse. Foreign countries that hold a massive amount of our national debt are poised to stop buying more as inflation cuts into the real value. Our taxes will surely rise unless government adopts sound fiscal policies and reduces spending below revenue. Obama’s planned “investment” is not the way to a sound fiscal future, government’s allowing natural forces to take hold has been proven to nurture a robust economy. Unless government stops pandering to the anti-free market socialists and allow industry the freedom to prosper while letting mismanaged and non-competitive companies fail, our taxes will continue rise and inflation will spiral out of control. Government interference and blind adherence to mandated constraints on private enterprise will continue to erode our competitive edge, which in turn will continue to reduce employment and ultimately lower the taxes collected, leaving the individual taxpayer to foot the bill.

“Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have” Gerald Ford

What Change?

What are we to do regarding the free pass from the main stream media that Barack Obama continues to enjoy?  Short of continuing to press our valid points regarding his associations, concerns about his leftist agenda, (lack of) record and criticism of his policies and appointments, we may well have to wait until proverbial “hell freezes over”. 

We can hope (God, I hate to use that word now) this love affair will cool over time or we can press our opposition at every turn. I don’t have much hope and vote to press on and on and on, as long as  Barack Obama occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President elect empty suit continues to make campaign speeches full of high sounding rhetoric  without saying anything other than to give himself an out regardless of the issue. He obviously knows what concerns the populace and he has perfected a method of telling us what’s wrong and what will happen if it’s not addressed. But what solutions has he put forward ….  nothing at all, yet everyone believes that he’s in tune with them!

So many people are looking for change and hoping he has solutions to the fear of the day that it’s no wonder he’s only spouting hope and change. He’s realized he doesn’t need specifics, he only needs the masses to identify with his message and identify they have. And we thought Willie was slick, well surprise, BHO is filing his cabinet with Clitonistas, including HRC herself, to me that says all we need to know about the promised change, to paraphrase “tell me it ain’t so”.